How to use acupuncture for depression

Chinese medicine identifies several types of depression and acupuncture for depression can bring concrete results, including improved concentration, better sleep, more energy, less anxiety, better appetite and mood more stable.

 Chinese pharmacopoeia has great advantages for depression. For example, the formula Xiao Yao San is particularly suitable for treating Liver pressure, which is the type of depression most prevalent.

 Dietary changes may sometimes be necessary in the treatment of depression. It will then focus on foods that are energy properties:

    - Nature neutral and slightly bitter taste
    - Of mild, sweet flavor
    - Nature fresh and salty

acupuncture for depression can bring concrete results for several types of depression.

The following foods are particularly suitable for treating depression:

    - Fish: carp, trout, sole, place salmon, tuna, fish oven Bake, steam or broth in there adding some condiments and spices such as ginger into thin strips, garlic, parsley, pepper and basil.
    - Seafood following are indicated: oysters, mussels, shrimp, crab.
    - Cereals and legumes following wheat germ, wheat bread or whole rye, pasta, white beans, red and green lentils, corn, barley, rice, sesame.
    - Vegetables: artichoke, eggplant, avocado, chard, beets, carrots, celery, squash, zucchini, pumpkin, endive, spinach, lamb's lettuce, turnip, green salads.
    - Fruits: apricot, lemon, orange, mandarin, date, jujube, fig, pomegranate, melon, watermelon, pear, apple, grapes.
    - For those who eat meat: chicken, duck, pork, veal kidney or pork.
    - Alcolissées drinks: in moderate quantities only.
    - Avoid fatty cheeses and fermented as well as eating too much chocolate and drink too much coffee and tea.
    - Pay attention to sweets and refined industrial products and sweet as they affect mental balance.
    - It is recommended to drink a glass of milk with honey in the morning. Alternate with fresh fruit juice.
    - It is recommended to use as much as possible garlic in cooking.
    - It is recommended to eat several times a day hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts.

Finally, exercise can greatly help to recover from depression. Among all physical activities dsiponibles, you might be interested in exercises of Chinese Medcine, that is to say, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. In addition, a half-hour walk every day can be the best year ever for many.

The treatment plan for depression with Chinese medicine is often a combination of acupuncture for depression of Chinese Pharmacopoeia of diet therapy and exercise. Any person may recover from depression. The first step is to take action. Call your acupuncturist to make an appointment NOW!


Antoine Lockhart said...

Acupuncture benefits are really amazing and as time goes by, this treatment seems to cover more and more medical complications.

Jemmy said...

Glad to learn how to use acupuncture for depression! I often take acupuncture therapy to get rid of depression. It's an amazing way to relax body muscles.
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John Alex said...

I am also very glad to know about acupuncture for is the most easiest way to relax your body
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Anonymous said...

this blog has very useful information regarding depression......i think depression can be treated easily with natural food with the help of proper diet..suggested reading..depression treatment with food

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Although there are medications such as antidepressants, available to treat these mental ailments, side effects that can significantly deteriorate mental and physical health, are a cause for concern. Also, prolonged use of these medicines, is certainly not feasible.

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Although there are medications such as antidepressants, available to treat these mental ailments, side effects that can significantly deteriorate mental and physical health, are a cause for concern.

annie joseph said...

Acupuncture can also address underlying, physical causes of anxiety and depression. While anxiety is a standalone condition, internal imbalances and medical issues can result in emotional distress. Heart disease, diabetes, asthma, thyroid problems, tumors, or muscle cramps/spasms are common causes of anxiety, all of which are treatable by acupuncture.
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