Fibromyalgia Sufferers Helped By Chiropractor In Laguna Hills, CA Report Reduction In Pain

By Jason Kordobu

In many cases, the symptoms of fibromyalgia are not recognized or acknowledged. In fact, prior to 1987 its existence was denied. Currently, your Laguna Hills chiropractor has succeeded in alleviating the pain caused by this mysterious malady.

It is still not completely understood. However, it is known to be connected to the central nervous system. There is no way to completely eliminate the pain. A significant reduction in chronic pain is possible, however.

The chiropractor has the ability to deal with this disorder. Chiropractic theory is based on the premise that the state of the central nervous system is the key to good health. Due to the wide range of symptoms, the initial evaluation is difficult.

Good communication will facilitate a clear evaluation to identify the condition. A complete health history will be recorded and an exam conducted. The spine is checked for misalignment.

Another part of the exam includes exerting pressure against 18 tender points on the body. The amount of pressure applied will not hurt a person in good health. However, it will cause pain in the person afflicted with fibromyalgia.

A care plan can be recommended after a careful assessment. It will possibly include gentle spinal adjustments to correct any misalignment. This correction will reduce pain significantly.

When the spine is correctly aligned, the back, neck and other parts of the body that are painful should improve. This results in less interrupted sleep, fewer periods of fatigue and your depression should be lifted.

A general description of fibromyalgia is having widespread pain throughout the body. It lasts for three or more months. At least eleven of the eighteen tender points cause pain when pressure is exerted against them.

Other signs include stiffness, chronic headaches, restless leg syndrome and weak muscles. Your Laguna Hills chiropractor will question you about the ones you experience. Your answers will influence the specific course of care recommended to reduce your fibromyalgia pain.

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