Use Of EMDR Therapy For PTSD Treatment

By Young Lindsay

Post traumatic stress disorder affects a lot of people who invariably display symptoms such as hallucinations, flashbacks, severe anxiety, and nightmares. By using EMDR therapy for PTSD, it helps patients manage the post trauma stress disorder and lead a better life. The events that induce this condition may be life threatening or tend to cause physical harm the individual. PTSD is a condition observed more in women when compared to men.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing- EMDR offers a comprehensive as well as integrative psychological approach in treating this disorder. Epidemiology of this syndrome shows that it has a prevalence of about 8 to 10 percent in a lifetime, and is responsible for a lot of disability and morbidity. It is more common among the female gender than in their male counterparts.

The stimulation further causes the body to release hormones and neurotransmitters, which are believed to be the principal cause of the associated symptoms. The orbitofrontal cortex acts as an inhibitor in countering the activation of amygdala. Another modulating factor to the activation of amygdala is the hippocampus. People with PTSD display an orbitofrontal cortex, which is not effective when it comes to inhibition of amygdale activation.

The activation and release of neurotransmitter and hormones triggers many of the symptoms observed in this disturbing syndrome. An inhibiting effect is provided by the orbitofrontal cortex on this activation. Another modulating effect to the amygdala is by the hippocampus. In patients with this disorder, the orbitofrontal cortex appears to be ineffective in inhibiting the amygdala activation mainly due to stress-induced atrophy of the nuclei involved.

Individual vulnerability is also contributed by aftermath factors such as social support from relatives, hyperarousal aspects, and re-experiences. Patients are likely to experience signs and symptoms such as negative moods or feeling, re-experiencing of such bad events, consequential numbness, avoidance, and hyperarousal. For one to be effectively diagnosed of this condition, he or she must display some or all of the signs for a period of more than a month following the event.

The chances of developing the disorders are also determined by hyperarousal as well as re-experiences. In order for a patient to show positive results from examination, they have to display some or all of these signs for about 30 days after the terrifying event. However, the period may vary significantly.

The syndrome may also affect your general appearance with patients often showing a poor personal hygiene and untidiness. Somatic complaints are also common. A few people develop complications such as depression and anxiety. Its consequences can range from subtle to avid and it affects the quality of life greatly. Other patients may have issue with drug abuse and alcohol. Other complications include eating disorders and suicidal thoughts or actions.

The use of drugs is associated with other major complications, which further lower the quality of life in these individuals. Individual might also suffer from eating disorders. In managing the condition, EMDR therapy has shown positive results. It is a safe therapy, which has no side effects. Using some motions or music tones, the therapists perform procedures that help individuals do away with the disturbing memories.

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Criteria For Telepsychiatry For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

By Young Lindsay

It had over eighty names throughout history. In 1678, it was called nostalgia when soldiers became restless, sad, solitary, talked to themselves and stopped paying attention. It was again baptised as homesickness and irritable heart. Then it became neurasthenia and hysteria, defined in 1890. But the common denominator of all these terms is that it described the long term effects of trauma, whether it was because a person saw the violence of war or because a person became a victim of a terrible crime, among others.

When the official term for long term trauma entered the vocabulary in 1980, so did the many interventions designed to manage the condition. In recent years, telepsychiatry for post-traumatic stress disorder is used to bridge connections and treat hard to reach patients and contact further support. But let us take a look at the syndrome itself in order to understand and to determine whether someone we know needs help.

Witnessing or experiencing something terrible such as a crime or an accident is enough fuel for some people to have PTSD. Surviving catastrophes, such as earthquakes or typhoons, or being in a war zone will also cause people to be at risk, although some people are more resilient than others. Resiliency signs include effective coping strategies, calm in the face of harm, having great social support, and the ability to respond well to dangerous situations. Those who are prone to PTSD are more likely to feel helpless, anxious, extremely fearful, and have little or no help after a traumatic event.

Genes also have a role in PTSD the same way they have in mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. A protein called stathmin which is present in genes are responsible in the creation of fear memories. Studies show that laboratory mice who lack stathmin are less panicky than their stathmin filled counterparts.

Being psychologically healthy also depends on how your brain functions. Persons who are prone to PTSD have underdeveloped or impaired amygdalas and prefrontal complexes. The amygdala is responsible for evoking emotions, learning, and recall when something happens, while the prefrontal cortex handles our ability to solve problems and judging situations. Understanding how our brain and genes betray some of us will be a vital part in pointing out who is at risk for the syndrome.

Diagnosis requires one re experiencing symptom, two hyperarousal and three avoidance symptoms. Re experiencing symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, and scary thoughts may affect the person daily, such that it would drastically intervene in the life of the afflicted. Objects, words, and certain situations may trigger these symptoms.

Three avoidance symptoms are needed to be diagnosed. The signs include staying away from anything that reminds the individual of the experience, even to the point of losing interest in their previous hobbies. For example, traumatized rape victims may not want to have sex anymore even with their loving partner.

Hyperarousal symptoms consist of always feeling on the edge, tension, being surprised or startled easily, experiencing outbursts, and insomnia. These are constant symptoms and do not need triggers to happen. A person with PTSD may have trouble accomplishing daily tasks such as sleeping, concentrating, and even eating. Because these signs are normal after a tragic event, they can be called acute stress disorder rather than PTSD.

When a person has passed the criteria and has been diagnosed, CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is often used as an intervention. Medical treatments consist of paroxetine and sertraline, the only approved drugs for PTSD. In the event that there is a known catastrophe, it is important to have the victims undergo critical incident stress debriefing as soon as possible to prevent the onset of PTSD.

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The Art Of Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

By Patty Goff

Ashtanga yoga is actually a royal style and has been standardized by the ancient times. It is also called as the eight limbs and this practice can take up an amount of time for your daily life. It employs different techniques, such as proper breathing, postures, meditation and concentration exercises. The benefits are grouped into categories, such as mental, emotional, physical and intellectual benefits.

If you are quite interested to know more about it, then you may consider learning these techniques through talking up the programs appropriate for the practice. You may consider taking up Ashtanga yoga teacher training curriculum. There are many schools that vary their learning through the style, focus and quality of the programs. Basically, the style of the yoga will also provide you importance.

Since, it is necessary to know the reasons why you are taking up this program, you also have to know your main purpose in taking up a program. Reasons, such as extra income, fulfillment of a certain desire or it is just your desire to teach others with your given talent and skills. Most of the time, there is always a room for these reasons. You only have to determine the main purposes and your goals, as it can also influence your decision when choosing the school and programs.

The requirements are also lower than other types of programs. However, it is more essential to take up at least a year of a continuous practice before you take up a teacher training. If possible, you should also build a foundation which you can hone your skills before starting to teach others. Think about the level of your convenience when teaching in front of your students.

If you are not comfortable in speaking in front of them and gets nervous all the time, then answering their concerns and questions, might be difficult for you. So, in this situation, you always have to think of better ways to overcome your fear. Being a yoga teacher, it is your responsibility to teach your students the truth behind the success of these Ashtanga yoga and the methods used.

Basically, there are no other requirements or even qualifications before teaching. But, there are associations that keeps and maintains the registry of the people who have finished their required training hours. They are usually voluntary, but if you are under their name, it will also be added to your credentials and even your skills.

Studying to any registered schools ensure you a standard core of a program covered with great philosophy, methods and safe teaching. On the other hand, when you choose a training program, it is important not to rush things out. Do not choose a curriculum just because it fits into your schedule. It is much better to start researching through online and search the schools that might interest you.

If you have already picked the right school for your needs, then you have to start acquiring books and props for you to prepare yourself, especially to your physical and mental state. In fact, most of the programs are quite intense and can be stressful to our physical condition. So, it is essential to prepare everything.

When you become a teacher, it also means that you are devoting yourself to them and to teach others as well. The art of this profession is to teach others and help yourself to develop more for your personal growth. THis way, you will also be considered as one of the most exceptional teachers.

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Who Offers Grief And Loss Counseling Culver City

By Patty Goff

Death comes with an extreme emotional burden that is likely to psychologically affect the bereaved with long term devastating effects. This calls for professional grief and loss counseling Culver City to assist those affected in dealing with the situation. This is also the best way for them to find closure and avoid relapse or manifestation in another form. Therapy is necessary when one looses a relative, spouse, child, parent and even colleague.

The magnitude of the loss gets heavier depending on how the mourner related to the deceased. It might be more difficult to deal with the bereavement of a friend than that of a relative. For children, the dependency level to the parent or departed relative affects them to a very large extent. The support of therapists is crucial in relieving their emotional burden and assisting them to regain normal life.

While the bereaved family, friend or relative might appear strong and able to handle any shock, the circumstances surrounding the death might make it difficult. A person who died after a long and painful illness might be easy to deal with. Losing an only-child or the only surviving parent is difficult to handle. Sudden departure is also emotionally taxing and requires all the support available.

Children require special care because they do not understand the idea of death at a certain age. Losing a parent disorients their lives and could have long term psychological effects if not properly handled. The experience or trauma associated with accidents could trigger phobias and other irrational reactions that are best handled early. Counselors offer help to enable the children deal with new circumstances without loosing track in life.

As a parent, the demise of a son or daughter might appear easy. It signifies the end of dreams and aspirations you had about the child and your entire family. Parents require the support of therapist at any age. This is necessary considering that no child is too old or insignificant to the parent. Even the very old parents value their children as if they were toddlers.

When a colleague passes away, there is a void that is very difficult to fill. The relationship or bond that develops at work is very strong causing heavy emotional burdens in case of any loss. The productivity of other workers is affected especially if the person died within the environment. Group and individual therapy are important to enable the colleagues to handle the loss and absence.

The counselors are highly trained and exposed to different scenarios. This gives them necessary tools to assist any bereaved person to find closure. They are professional and procedural to ensure solid recovery and long lasting closure. This will prevent relapse or mutation in another form.

A serene counseling environment makes the patient expressive which is necessary in finding closure. It allows the affected persons to release pent-up emotions and come to terms with the new circumstances. The sessions are scheduled for evenings, weekends or convenient hours during the day. The situation will dictate if the bereaved require group or individual therapy. Counseling extends until everyone has found closure.

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Step To Consider When Buying OM Necklace

By Dominique Martin

Adornments are lavish things and individuals from over the world appreciate wearing them. Fundamentally they are alluring when worn be it on hands, neck or ears. This demand has pushed costs up and more individuals visit gems shops to purchase them. At the point when a client is intrigued to purchase OM necklace, it is fitting to do intensive hunt from accessible merchants to guarantee they secure what they required. There are a few steps one can take before purchasing these things.

Customers should decide first the specific products they want. Indeed, they come in different varieties as well as materials. This decision will ensure they can choose from all varieties available until they get what they want. The design and shape are also important because they make one look attractive.

At the point when purchasing gems clients are swayed to purchase unique and bona fide things. This will minimize possibilities of being frustrated when their things harmed after a brief time of time. The items purchased ought to be of high caliber since the holder need to be alluring. They likewise have distinctive shades which customers can choose for themselves.

Looking for the right merchant or supplier is critical. They are ordinarily accessible either provincially or on the web. Acquiring generally will spare time not at all like on the web. Both of the two alternatives is helpful and a client may choose relying upon his ability and potential. It is more invaluable to do it by regional standards since one has the capacity visit the merchant physically and arrange up close and personal.

The cost of necklaces is another thing to consider. Majority of customers would prefer to buy jewels that are not very expensive and not cheap therefore; they already know how much they want to spend because jewelries are luxurious items. Some dealers will offer discounts either as cash, trade or even bonus to customers who buy in large quantities to encourage them to return for more products.

These items are normally produced with high costly materials. Gold, silver and diamond are mostly used to produce jewels. Indeed, they are expected to be expensive and buyers are always ready to purchase them despite their prices. Since they are not a necessity, it is good to buy those that are affordable.

Online purchasers can see the diverse pictures of those items available to be purchased. Clients are swayed to visit diverse merchants online with a specific end goal to get the best offer furthermore authentic dealers. Some may be impostors subsequently the need to be additional cautious when performing such an arrangement. The merchant will approach purchaser for his physical address so that the things will be conveyed to his reason.

It is necessary for a customer to have an idea of what to expect when buying jewels. Type of the product, cost, where to buy either local shops or online, discounts allowed are some of the factors to consider when planning to buy necklaces. Customers can therefore be advised to be extra careful when buying these items to ensure they get what they desired.

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All About Yoga Teacher Training Retreats

By Patty Goff

If these are the activities that you have in mind right now, then you will just have to get to know them better with the use of this article. By doing so, you will be ready for them and you can never be the laughingstock among your classmates. When that happens, then you will be able to have more confidence in yourself.

First, you could be assured that at the end of the programs that you have participated in, you will already have an extensive knowledge on the popular routines. So, be able to make the most out of your yoga teacher training retreats. You have paid for them. Thus, put them into good use while you are still in the location.

Second, this can be your chance to have a stronger upper body. Keep in mind that you will be needing this kind of strength in your own classes. If you will not get in shape now, then you might regret it for the rest of your life. Affordable retreats do not come every day. Thus, never miss them if your currently have all the means.

Third, if you have been asked by your teachers to adjust your position, then listen to them like how you will listen to your own mother. Obedience may not be one of your greatest suits but that does not mean that you cannot learn to acquire it as each day goes by. You simply need to be a little bit more patient with yourself.

You can expect to learn more about the human body than you can possibly imagine. Take note that you cannot have flexible students all the time. You would be presented with the varied group everyday but that can never be a bad thing. In fact, you can treat it as a challenge that would lead you to be better.

You can already say goodbye to the boring classes that you used to conduct before. You have joined these programs simply because you want to see a change in your life as a teacher. You will not be disappointed since your teachers can put in more life into your personality from this point onwards.

If you have never been much of a talker, then that is going to change with these programs. As you can see, these activities were never designed to bring you down and encourage your lazy habits. They were made for you to a better instructor in the world of yoga.

You can also ask your teachers to mold you to become more patient. Not everybody is meant to have a body that is flexible as yours. So, you could expect to have students who will need more of your help than the others. Thus, this is the part where in your patience will really be tested.

Overall, learn everything you can while you are it the retreat. Also, try to get the most beneficial package among your pool of prospects. You should not waste any money in here. That is a rule.

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Brief Facts That Involves Anxiety Treatment

By Estelle Larsen

Psychological disorders can now be treated through comprehensive counselling, advanced behavior or psychological therapy, and proper medication maintenance. Many people nowadays experience irrational panic attacks, phobias, neurotic thoughts, fears, and persistent worrying. If you constantly experienced some irrational mental attacks then you better find a psychiatrist that could you get through this problem.

There are certain kinds of therapies such as medications, exposure, behavioral, and cognitive which are very beneficial and effective. Of course, the factors should be taken seriously before going into the Anxiety Treatment in Toronto. With proper management will enable the patient to somehow control in some extent the innate fears, lessen their worrisome thinking, and constant irrationality.

In a lot of cases, the patients happened to be comfortable and confident with psychotherapy. This therapy involves self-awareness, input of ideas, and talking with the therapist. Aside from it, the patient has to take medications and the whole process rotates or focused on the patient. The patient is encouraged to help himself.

The psychiatric specialist has to study the mental situation, patient's preference, and source of illness. Then after deliberation, the doctor must do careful evaluation or assessment beforehand and at the same time study the recorded symptoms. The source of problem usually springs from personal and family issues, depression, and abuse of substance.

Hand in hand with the one-on-one therapy, prescribed and reliable medications are also given to relieve or remove the unwanted mental disorder. There are popular drugs used like the anti-depressants, beta-blockers, and some tranquilizers. The meds usually take some time to take effect but these are truly reliable and effective.

Anti-depressants can take much time to commence its effect and the longest would be six weeks. The tranquilizers cause calmness and relaxation to the body however side effects may occur such as feelings of sleepiness, foggy feelings, and uncoordinated body behavior. Regular use or abuse of this medicine will create much greater side effects.

The beta-blockers are the kind of drugs that obstruct norepinephrine which is widely known as the fight or flight stress hormone. It enables the person to control the symptoms like fast heart rate, shaking of hands, dizziness, abnormal sweating, and trembling of voice. But it cannot fix or cure the emotional aspect like sadness, depression, and phobia.

The results of the therapy is examined by several factors such as degree of diagnosis, presence of symptoms, level of motivation, social support level, and following the medication schedule. Be cautious when you select a doctor. He or she must have impressive background, excellent therapy skills, and trustworthy. Remind yourself that it will never be easy but the journey of getting better is worth a try.

Negativity can lead no to nowhere and it is right inside your head. The doctor cannot just remove it without your cooperation. Your mind is powerful and it can put up or down. Call your friends and ask for help from your family members. Cognitive distortions are difficult to control but acceptance of one's self and positivity can change it.

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